Dear volunteers,

Today we had another long but productive board meeting. As usual, we started off by updating each other on what all (project) teams have been doing. Highlights were for example the recruitment department that is still busy working on new ways of recruiting volunteers by contacting faculties to see if they want to promote our foundation. Additionally, the communications department is working on a new system to organize our communication with external parties. More about this will be explained at the live event! Lastly, the social activities department is thinking of ideas for our first social event. Because of corona our options are limited, but during the live event several options will be presented.

As for the project teams, you might have seen the questionnaire that the loneliness team has sent out. This resulted in nearly 300(!) responses so they now have plenty of information from our target population to work with!

It is almost time for our live event, meaning we had some time during the board meeting to finalize the program. In addition to the aforementioned agenda items, we have also scheduled some time for the project groups to meet and to brainstorm about some new ideas: a volunteer program for high school students and a platform for people in need to easily find help.

Lastly, we have finalized our Huishoudelijk Reglement and are currently working on translating this to English. You will soon get access to this document.

That was all for our board meeting. We will send out an e-mail with more information regarding the live event (also containing our corona rules!) today and are hoping to see you all next Monday!

Kind regards,

The board of United for All

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