Active volunteer

As an active volunteer you are part of one or more of our (project) teams. You can decide yourself on which team you want to be a part of, to make sure that you do something you really like or you want to educate yourself on.

Project Teams

The Poverty Team wants to give people with less financial resources the same opportunities as others. Some examples might be:

  • Giving guidance to improve someone's job opportunities;
  • Organizing courses and activities to facilitate hobbies;
  • Organizing activities to make self development possible;
  • Giving guidance to children/youngsters with regards to education.

The Online Content Team gives people with a story a platform. These are people that are normally not seen or heard, but now are given a voice. Apart from this the online content team also wants to raise awareness for societal issues to spark change. The team does this by:

  • Recording interviews with the vulnerable groups;
  • Recording interviews with experts;
  • Initiatie social media campaigns;
  • Launch large awareness campaigns.

Loneliness is not only a problem that affects the elderly, but it can affect everyone at a certain point. Our projectteams on loneliness initiate projects that are based on thorough research with a long term effect.

One of our teams is launching a project that provides high school students with interactive lectures on loneliness to prevent them from becoming lonely. During these classes the students discuss the topic with each other, talk about their experiences with loneliness and learn what the impact of loneliness can be. 

The ININ-Team is creating a website that provides people in need with an easy procedure to get help. At this moment many people in need are struggling with getting help, because some of them are not able to find the right information, do not speak the language in which this is presented or have a reading deficiency. ININ wants to help these people by launching a platform that solves these problems, in cooperation with many other societal organizations in Nijmegen.

The Social Cohesion Team is working on ways in which we can bring people of a certain neighborhood or from different groups in society closer together. 

At the moment, our team is working on a project in which sports plays a big role. People from the same neighborhood make a team that, together, work on a common goal: a healthier lifestyle. The participants get guidance on exercise, nutrition and motivation. Apart from that also the negative thoughts that people with obesity might have, will be discussed. By doing this these people get to know each other very well, whilst tackling their obesity at the same time.

Supporting Teams

The Communications Team is responsible for protecting the effectiveness and efficiency of our external communications. They also establish cooperations with other organizations. Tasks you have, might include:

  • Getting in touch with boards and experts of other (societal) organizations;
  • Communications Responsables Communicatie Verantwoordelijken of other teams;
  • Creating an overview of all communications between our and other organizations;
  • Establish cooperations with other (societal) organizations.

The Recruitment Team organizes activities and campaigns to recruit new volunteers for our organization. By doing this, they play a vital role in keeping our organization up and running and they directly influence the amount of work we can do and therefore how much people we can help. Tasks you have, might include:

  • Brainstorming and organizing recruitment campaigns;
  • Establish cooperations with schools, student organizations and other external organizations;
  • Organize recruitment activities;
  • Educate other volunteers to recruit volunteers themselves.

The Social Activities Team makes sure that we have a great atmosphere within our organization by organizing fun activities. Tasks you have, might include:

  • Organizing team building activities;
  • Organizing fun activities and parties.