We would like to introduce ourselves.

Boden Wilson-Storey

Chairman & Founder

Since I was just a kid, I was very interested in societal issues and I wanted to be of use by joining societal organizations as a volunteer. 

I noticed that many societal interventions aimed for an effect on an international or foreign level, but that there is still much to achieve on a local level as well. The local approach that United for All has, in combination with the young community that contribute as a volunteer, defines our organization and, in my opinion, is the best method to tackle societal issues and to make a real difference for people in need.

Anna van den Berge


I have always been drawn to volunteering, but I couldn't find an organization that was a good fit for me, until I came across United for All. I like the fact that this organization makes it possible for students to collaborate on societal issues on a local level. I look forward to contribute by being the secretary within United for All and I want to make myself of use for the vulnerable groups in Nijmegen!

Gerco Ganzevoort


Toen ik naar Nijmegen toe kwam voor mijn studie, wilde ik lid worden van een vereniging, maar ik wilde ook iets nuttigs doen. Al snel kwam ik United For All tegen, dat me erg aansprak vanwege haar jonge karakter en lokale projecten. Ik wilde graag meedoen op beleidsniveau, omdat ik – na een jaar in team Eenzaamheid gefunctioneerd te hebben – heb gezien dat onze projecten nodig én nuttig zijn. Ik wil graag bijdragen aan deze koers van de stichting als penningmeester van het bestuur.

Hiba Aourag

Algemeen bestuurslid

I always wondered what i could do to make this world a better place and it starts here at United for All. As a volunteer, with United for All, I am contributing my share to those in need. I will be doing this by being a part of the young, modern and dynamic organization, which stands for those whose voice isn't heard To make the city a safe and comforting place whilst working with amazing people is a great goal.

Lotte van Straaten

Algemeen bestuurslid

I will be happy when everyone has the feeling that they are welcome in society. United for All aims to accomplish this by setting up projects in a fresh and sustainable way. Helping someone else gives you energy and a lot of satisfaction and being a board member even more. This charity is young, vibrant, fun and dedicated. You too?