We would like to introduce ourselves.

Boden Wilson-Storey

Chairman & Founder

Since I was just a kid, I was very interested in societal issues and I wanted to be of use by joining societal organizations as a volunteer. 

I noticed that many societal interventions aimed for an effect on an international or foreign level, but that there is still much to achieve on a local level as well. The local approach that United for All has, in combination with the young community that contribute as a volunteer, defines our organization and, in my opinion, is the best method to tackle societal issues and to make a real difference for people in need.

Anna van den Berge


I have always been drawn to volunteering, but I couldn't find an organization that was a good fit for me, until I came across United for All. I like the fact that this organization makes it possible for students to collaborate on societal issues on a local level. I look forward to contribute by being the secretary within United for All and I want to make myself of use for the vulnerable groups in Nijmegen!

Max Romen-Naegel


I decided to join the foundation United for All to develop a sense of purpose within a young and dynamic team. Moreover, I find it encouraging to practically address local issues and challenges through different kinds of projects. As Treasurer, my vision for United for All is to continuously grow and to expand our financial means, in order to have a significant, local impact on our surroundings and especially the people in need.

Sabine Koers

Board member of Internal Affairs

Since I was a child, I have been interested in societal issues and I wanted to contribute to solving these problems, by doing volunteer work. What I like about United for All is that it is a new and young organization, in which students from many different nationalities work together on solving the problems that the people of Nijmegen face. I hope that, with being the board member of Internal Affairs, I can really make a difference for the vulnerable groups of Nijmegen.