In Need In Nijmegen (ININ)


United for All strongly believes that everyone that wants help, should be able to get it in a way that is easy and without too much unnecessary bureaucracy or obstacles. Based on our own research we can conclude that many people in Nijmegen feel that it is hard to receive the help that they need. In many cases this is a result of too difficult application processes or because websites are too difficult or because they don't speak the Dutch language.

In Need In Nijmegen (ININ)

We want to make this easier by launching our own platform: In Need In Nijmegen (ININ), which will be an answer to this demand. In cooperation with many other societal organizations in Nijmegen we want to create a personalized experience in which the person in need will get an overview of the help that is out there, specific to his/her situation. Apart from that this platform will be presented in multiple languages and the application procedure will be more simple and standardized.

The expectation is that this platform will be launched at the end of 2021.