Our Vision

Why are we doing this?

United for All believes strongly that students can make a real difference for people in need in Nijmegen. Students for example can come up with valuable new insights and refreshing ideas to tackle societal issues, that we have been faced with for many years. Apart from that United for All provides these students with the possibilities and resources to make interdisciplinary cooperations possible. Which means that students from different studies and studielevels will work together on an effective solution.

Our goals

Our goals are:

  1. Make it possible for students to develop their skills and increase their knowledge, which they can use to help society.
  2. Help vulnerable groups on a local level, by implementing projects with a long term effect, which meet the needs of the targeted groups.
  3. Raise awareness for the poignant situations in which vulnerable groups find themselves.
  4. Increase social cohesion on a local level.
  5. Provide Nijmegen citizens with easy accessible information that they need to receive help that fits their needs.

Why are we doing this?

We do this because we have a few fundamental believes:

  1. We believe that everyone is entitled to the same opportunities, no matter their background, religion, sexual preferences, income, education level or skin colour.
  2. We believe that you can start with fixing a problem, when the problem is fully known and recognized.
  3. We believe that a local approach with a long term effect is the most effective.
  4. We believe that students can have a key position in the solution of societal problems in Nijmegen.