Supporting volunteer

As a supporting volunteer you are involved with the execution of our activities. This means that you help us out with activities on the day itself, so within the Nijmegen community.

What can you do?

Because we are still a very new organization, we have not implemented any projects so far. At the moment we are working intensively on preparing our projects for implementation and we expect that we will implement our first projects at the beginning of 2021. 

When you sign up as a supporting volunteer, we will keep you up to date on the developments regarding our projects and let you know when you can help us out. Apart from that you will be invited for our live events and social activities, in which you can get to know our other volunteers.

Do you want to help us out right now? In that case we invite you to sign up as an active volunteer or temporarily help a team out as a supporting volunteer, until we have implemented a project.