Our Pillars

We are happy to tell you more about our focus areas.

Social Cohesion

With our projects we want to bring people together that normally do not interact or even meet each other at all. We aim for a society in which everyones is and feels accepted and do not feel left out. 


Everyone can feel lonely. It is not just a situation that affects the elderly, but it is a big societal issue that also affects adults and young people. With our projects we want to break the taboo, raise awareness and implement long term solutions.


A lot of people, also in Nijmegen, are worried on a daily basis about their financial situations and the choices they have to make between food on the table or paying for the schooltrip of their children. Financial problems can affect everyone and has many different causes. With our projects we want to reach for a long term solution to prevent, soften and overcome loneliness by providing these people with practical tools that fit their needs.


We are convinced that awareness plays a key role in solving (societal) issues. Recognition and definition of a problem is of great importance when solving it and also raises more understanding. With our projects we want to break taboos, give people insights and give people in need the opportunity to speak up.