True Stories

Nijmegen residents open up about the rough situations in which they have found or still find themselves.

The story of ...

Ben Kregting

Ben was living a good life until a divorce lead to him being lonely for over 1,5 years in Nijmegen. He describes what his live was like and what prejudices he had about the homeless.

The story of ...

Fatima Alzahraa Hamo

Fatima worked as a nurse in Syria when she saw how much people got wounded and died because of the war in her country. When more and more young people became the victim of these attacks, she decided to bring her children in safety by fleeing to the Netherlands.

The story of ...

Saforia Keddo Dori

She was just 13 years old when she was confronted with war and death on a daily basis. She was forced to leave her studies, family, friends and trusted environment behind and flee to the Netherlands. Now she is 15 years old and she talks about her journey and her life in the Netherlands.

Thanks to the Mawteni Foundation and Stichting Vagebond.